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What ‘extra virgin’ really means

The Codex Alimentarius and International Olive Council (IOC) – the two main sources of governance over olive oil quality – define Extra Virgin Olive Oil as having excellent flavor and odor. To be ‘extra virgin,’ an olive oil must have a median of defects – median score of one of the 12 olive oil defects, which is perceived with the greatest intensity – as zero and the median of fruitiness above zero. Extra virgin olive oil also has a free fatty acid content expressed as oleic acid less than 0.8 grams per 100 grams, the lowest of any non-refined grade of olive oil.

Why extra virgin olive oil is so healthy

The monounsaturated fatty acids and bioactive composites, such as polyphenols and vitamin E, among others, confer a wide range of health benefits on extra virgin olive oils that are not present in other oils. The overwhelming majority of these health benefits come from the polyphenols in EVOO, which is why virgin olive oil and refined olive oil do not have the same health benefits Lowering the risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes, preventing cancer and a range of neurodegenerative diseases are the main health benefits of EVOO. However, there are also plenty of others ranging from improved skin care and dental hygiene to a range of other diseases associated with inflammation. Scientists in Spain are even using supplements made from polyphenols found in EVOO in a trial to treat Covid-19. These health benefit bona fides have been borne out over the past 60 years by thousands of peer-reviewed academic studies.

You should cook with extra virgin olive oil

Due to its healthy qualities and exquisite flavor profiles, extra virgin olive oil should be an essential ingredient in every cook’s kitchen. Plenty of Michelin-star chefs think so. While most consumers are accustomed to dipping bread in or dressing salads with extra virgin olive oil, there are plenty of other excellent culinary applications.


Natural cultivation without chemical fertilizers...

The Extra Virgin Olive Oil El Moubaraka is the result of a natural cultivation without chemical fertilizers, from our olive groves from the Algerian Djurdjura region, obtained with a cold extraction method with stone millstones, centrifuged but not filtered to keep its organoleptic properties, important for your health. Produced in limited quantities in order to maintain the high quality that distinguishes the Algerian olive oil of our Territory, this allows it to express aromas and flavors that only the Djurdjura mountains region oil can give, with a close to zero degree of acidity , suitable for any dish

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